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Spring '16 Classes

Career and Technical Education
Nancy Kelsey
, Executive Director
(631) 425-9050 ext.260

Wilson Technological Center is the Career and Technical Education Division of Western Suffolk BOCES. For 50 years, Wilson Tech has helped teenagers and adults enter the labor force with skills for satisfying and successful careers. Programs at all Wilson Technological Centers also provide a foundation for post secondary education.

Adults can upgrade their skills or develop new ones by registering for a Tech course today! If you are uncertain about a career direction, our career counselors can help you find the path that fits your talents and interests.

Committees representing the Long Island business community help insure that Tech programs are compatible with employment opportunities and current technology. Wilson Tech's Job Placement Office offers lifetime assistance to those who successfully complete a Tech program. 


Programs for High School Students
Program #101.000
Secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Nancy Kelsey, 631/425-9050 ext.260

CTE students spend half day in their home high school and half day at Wilson Tech. Tech's main sites are located in Dix Hills, Republic Airport Farmingdale, Northport and Huntington. Academic subjects for credit, testing modifications, and academic intervention programs are provided at district request at no additional cost. Credit-bearing courses in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Health, Physical Education, and a variety of academic electives are among the support services available to help students meet scheduling and diploma requirements.  Employability Profiles are completed on each student to evaluate students' "soft skills" and workplace performance. Districts may utilize the Progress and Employability Profile as part of a student's career plan and to meet the criteria of the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Credentials. More than 72% of Tech's program completers in 2013 are pursuing further education, many with advanced standing. 

Find a Secondary Program for you!

Click here to see for yourself what careers you can learn at Wilson Tech.


Technical Endorsement (CTE) for Diploma



Wilson Tech students who attend programs approved by the NYS Education Department can earn a technical endorsement seal on their Regents diplomas when they successfully meet the requirements for a two-year certificate of completion and pass a nationally accredited exam in their field.

At Tech students can:

  • Earn academic credits in Math, Science, English and Social Studies
  • Participate in a work-based learning
  • Develop a detailed employability profile identifying skills they have mastered


Diversified Career & Technical Education
Program #104.000

631/261-3600, ext. 201

One way to help high school students develop employability skills is to provide supervised Career Education work experience and internships. This work-based learning program helps connect what students learn in school with a real work experience. Students attend their high school for related instruction and are placed and supervised with local businesses and industries. Students can earn a CTE sequence or additional credits towards a sequence.


General Career & Technical Education
Program #105.000
631/425-9050, ext. 260

GCTE helps prepare classified students, ages 16-21, for employment or supportive employment upon graduation or for entry into advanced programs with support in Secondary Career and Technical Education (program #101). Students, referred to the program by their local school districts, spend one-half day at their home high school and one-half day at a Tech campus.

 Employability Profiles are completed on each student to evaluate students' "soft skills" and workplace performance. Districts may utilize the Progress and Employability Profile as part of a student's career plan and to meet the criteria of the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Credentials.

Our Career Assessment center, located at Wilson Tech's Manor Plains campus, evaluates students' career and academic strengths and weaknesses and uses this information to match the students with appropriate career choices. The Career Scope is utilized as a Level 2 assessment.

Smaller class size programs are available in:
Auto Maintenance

Building & Grounds Maint.

Cosmetology- Introduction

Crosswalk to Tech

Electronic Manufacturing

Food Service

Health Career Skills

Life Skills

Office Skills

Printing/Computer Graphics



Center For Alternative Education (use Program #419.200 for all)
631/667-6000, ext. 304

Located at Wilson Tech's Dix Hills campus, CAE offers programming for "at risk" students who can also participate in career and technical education programs or work experience.


High School Equivalency Preparation
631/667-6000, ext. 304

Provides 16 to 18 year old students an opportunity to achieve a high school equivalency diploma, formerly GED, now TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion). This program serves eligible students who cannot earn the number of credits necessary to receive a diploma, or who have been out of school (grade 9 or above) for at least one year. Students attend classes at least 14 hours per week.


Bilingual AIS/ESL Bridge Program NEW
631/667-6000, ext. 304

The educational objectives include:

o Provide beginning English literacy, pre-literacy and language skills necessary to transition students into their home school's bi-lingual program

o Develop oral and written English proficiency consistent with youths in middle school

o Furnish subject-based instruction in the student's native language (i.e. Spanish) to raise comfort level while learning content

o Recognize a host of transitions with middle-school-aged students, promote cultural sensitivity towards young English language learners, and address socio-emotional and cognitive changes typical of this age range

o Foster basic civic education through ESL and content-based instruction

o Utilize native language (Spanish) as a support to learning basic English skills


Bilingual High School Equivalency Preparation
631/667-6000, ext. 304

Courses are taught in Spanish to prepare students age 16 to 21 to take the equivalency exam in Spanish.  English instruction is offered to help prepare these students for the English proficiency exam.  Basic skills instruction is also available to help raise a student's academic standing. 


Alternative High School
631/667-6000, ext. 304

Students in grades 10-12 can complete their high school education and earn a diploma granted by their home school district. Those with attendance or social adjustment problems or those in need of supportive services not available at their home school may find this program helpful. Students may remain in the program for as long as necessary to meet the requirements for a high school diploma. Flexible hours along with web-based instruction are available to address the individual needs of each student.


Ninth Grade Turn Around
631/667-6000, ext. 304

Students entering the ninth grade for the first time and at risk of academic failure are candidates for this one-year program. This specially designed, self-contained program aims to prepare students to return as a 10th grader to a regular classroom schedule at the home school.


Online Courses for High School

Program #445.100

631/667-6000, ext. 650

With a connection to the internet, high school students can now complete or supplement their high school education at their own pace. Wilson Tech offers online courses ranging from credit recovery to Advanced Placement. With Tech's online learning program, your students can:

o Choose when and where to study.

o Make-up missed credits to graduate on time.

o Solve scheduling conflicts.

o Accelerate to complete high school early.

o Review for AP exams.

o Take AP or other courses not offered.

o Study while on medical leave.


School districts can add online courses that meet NYS Learning Standards to their own curriculum through an agreement with Western Suffolk BOCES. Take a minute to see how easy it is to navigate our site. At www.onlinehs.org you will find courses that students can use in three ways:


Online courses provide 'anytime and anywhere' learning. Students can complete course material at their own pace in the comfort of their own home, in your school's library, or any remote location. Courses are available 24/7.


Under this option, online courses with quizzes and homework assignments are offered in a classroom setting. Students can also access material from home. Hybrid courses can be utilized in a computer lab environment where a group of students take individualized courses that are proctored by one teacher.


Teachers in a traditional classroom setting can add an online component that incorporates related course material, practice tests and homework assignments.


Supportive Services for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
Program #431.100
631/667-6000, ext. 304

This support service provides child care, parenting instruction and other support services for pregnant and/or parenting students. Parenting instruction affords each student the necessary support and counseling in caring for his/her child. Home instruction is available for the period before and after the birth of the child. 

Related Services

Program #419.200
631/667- 6000, ext. 304

Students with disabilities enrolled in our Center for Alternative Education may require specific related services to support their overall educational program. These services include:
o Resource Room
o English as a Second Language
Requests for these services should be included in the child's IEP or 504 document specifying the number of units per week requested for the service.


Equivalent Attendance
Program #433.010

The program provides high school equivalency preparation, (formerly GED, now TASC, Test Assessing Secondary Completion), academic remediation, Adult Basic Education, ESL, career counseling, and support services for out-of-school youth and teen parents under 21 years of age not currently enrolled in school. Students are self-referred, or enrolled at district request. Monthly rosters are sent to district representatives to confirm residency and to report enrollment.


Adult Services


Adult Career Education
Program #106
631/667-6000, ext 320

There are more than 350 full and part-time career-related programs for adults. This self-supporting program is funded by tuition, financial aid, and state and federal grant funds. The wide range of course offerings range from Aircraft Mechanics to Computers to Interior Design to Welding.


Program #106
667-6000, ext. 320

Careerlearn.org is our online learning portal for adults. While individuals may register for over 2,000 courses, districts may elect to provide online courses via their own adult programs by purchasing blocks of classes, and including online web courses within their roster of adult offerings. Courses offered in Adult Career and Technical Education and careerlearn.org may be adapted for use in staff development for maintenance and operations, or for clerical and computer support personnel.


Career Center
631/667-6000, ext. 327

The Career Center programs provide support services and literacy programs for adults at no cost to districts.  Programs include adult basic education (ABE) for individuals who have limited reading and math skills; high school equivalency classes for those seeking a TASC diploma, (formerly GED, now Test Assessing Secondary Completion), the GRASP/Home Study programs for those who prefer to study for their equivalency exams in the privacy of their own homes; the External Diploma Program (EDP) for those seeking a high school diploma through verifiable life skills; English as a Second Language (ESL) for those with limited English; Citizenship Education for those seeking permanent residency status. Services are offered at BOCES locations and over 25 community sites.


Health Careers
631/261-3600, ext. 219

The full and part-time Health Career programs offered at Wilson Tech's Northport campus help adult students to prepare for many employment opportunities in health care.  Programs include Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nurse Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Assisting and Physical Therapy Aide.  Supervised clinical experience is provided at local hospitals, long-term care facilities, imaging centers and medical offices.

  Graduates of the Health Career programs are eligible to sit for state and national examinations which provide successful candidates with a license/certification in the corresponding field of study.


Health & Safety
Program #106
631/667-6000, ext. 320

The Health & Safety program ensures that school districts are in compliance with various health and safety requirements and that districts are aware of available preventive measures to protect employees and students.  These health and safety education courses meet the training requirements of applicable federal and state regulatory agencies.  Classes are offered to one employee or groups.

Health and Safety courses are provided at one of Wilson Technological Center's conveniently located campuses, or at the district site. 


Public Safety & Education

Commercial Driver Training

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/AED

American Heart Assocation courses are taught by certified instructors.

CPR certification is valid for two years; first aid certification is for three years.

Adult CPR/AED Training

Standard First Aid

Infant and Child CPR

OSHA/EPA Compliance

OSHA Safety Training


Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Basic Forklift Operating Training

Security Guard Training

Security Guard:  8-hour pre-service training

Security Guard:  16-hour on-the-job training

Security Guard:  8-hour in-service training


Parents Bill of Rights
Western Suffolk BOCES respects the privacy of personally identifiable information for all students and has developed a Parents Bill of Rights to address the privacy and security of student and teacher/principal data.


631/549-4900, ext. 204

           The Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Western Suffolk County, New York does not discriminate on the basis of age, religion, creed, ethnic origin, national origin, marital status, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, weight,  disability or handicap in the educational programs or activities it operates and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  This policy of non-discrimination includes the recruitment, hiring and advancement of employees; salaries, pay and other benefits; counseling services to students; student access to course offerings; lawful political activities; educational programs and other activities; and the business activities of the Board. The Compliance Officer is Paula Klingelhoefer who may be contacted at: 507 Deer Park Road, PO Box 8007, Huntington Station, NY 11746-9007 or (631) 549-4900 x204 or pklingelhoefer@wsboces.org

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